Hello again, little blog

Rearranged some things. I decided I should probably have a presence on the Internet that wasn’t named after someone else’s fictional character! And easier to spell.

Don’t worry, I will still be DDog and variations thereof everywhere else. It’s been nine years since I took the name so it’s pretty well established in places where fandom-related names make more sense and don’t affect people’s ability to google me.

I am miffed that I suddenly have to pay WordPress $30 to be able to change more than my background color. Thirty!

I’m not entirely sure yet what kind of content I’ll have here, besides continuing my Doctor Who tarot (and the Supernatural tarot I planned out a few months ago, because I totally didn’t have enough projects already). Perhaps a Balticon write-up, and an update on how/what I’ve been doing for the last two years.


Post the First

You may know me as the host of the Trans(re)lating podcast, or as DDog on Twitter.

I voiced a wish a little while ago to have a space on the Internet where I could talk about projects and events that weren’t necessarily related to the podcast, in more than 140 character bursts. I already have a LiveJournal, but have only posted there sporadically over the past few years (actually, I bet if I ran the numbers the slump would coincide with getting a Twitter account…) and it’s mostly friendslocked, which isn’t conducive to getting read by people who don’t use LJ.

So, here I am. There are some stories I will probably still save for my LJ or not post on the Internet at all, because several people in my life are rather more private than I am and have good advice about not putting too much out into the ether. But in general, I hope this will be a good place for me to talk about what projects I’ve got going on, movies I’ve seen recently, or stories I want to tell that don’t fit as well into my other online self-confessive haunts.

The title of the blog, for now at least, comes from the Little Boots song “Remedy.” It’s an absurdly catchy song, and I often listen to it on repeat when I’m feeling blah.