Values Statement

My life’s purpose is to tell compelling and meaningful stories; to make beautiful and useful things; to bring my truest self to all of my relationships; to serve my communities; and to live as an example of my core values.

My core values are Sovereignty, Connection, Expression, Growth, and Compassion.

My current roles in which to live those values are Individual, Scholar, Friend, Lover, Son/Brother, Creator, Activist, Employee, and Spiritual Human(ist).

As an individual, I promote sovereignty by voicing my needs, by bringing my truest self to all of my relationships, by taking care of my health first, and by not taking shortcuts; I promote connection by being honest about my thoughts and feelings, and by being someone I enjoy spending time with; I promote expression by being in tune with my environment and my body, by speaking my mind even if my voice shakes, and by presenting myself how it feels most right at the moment; I promote growth by being curious about myself and my patterns, by saying yes to the challenge, and keeping my commitments; and I promote compassion by treating myself and others with kindness, practicing self-forgiveness, and understanding that I am always whole and never broken.

As a scholar, I promote sovereignty by doing my own work with enthusiasm, and by saying yes to the challenge; I promote connection by speaking up in class to receive and share knowledge, and by learning from everyone I meet; I promote expression by focusing both inward and outward, and by speaking freely about challenging subjects; I promote growth by contributing new knowledge to my fields, and by learning something new every day; and I promote compassion by considering the impact knowledge production has on real people.

As a friend, I promote sovereignty by only giving advice if I am asked for it, and by supporting the choices of those I care about of whom they want in their lives; I promote connection by sharing my thoughts and feelings, by practicing active listening and empathy, by communicating regularly and promptly, and by revealing my vulnerabilities; I promote expression by attaching equal merit to laughing and crying in solidarity; I promote growth by allowing each of my relationships to find their own level, and by keeping my commitments; and I promote compassion by hearing my friends’ needs and doing my best to help them fill them.

As a lover, I promote sovereignty by keeping my relationship agreements, by practicing the types of sex and affection that fulfill me and others, and by using “no” and “yes” with integrity; I promote connection by sharing joyful and intense experiences with my lovers, and by paying attention to my lovers’ needs; I promote expression by being sexually and emotionally free; I promote growth by exploring new sensual and romantic experiences, and by deepening the experiences I already have; and I promote compassion by meeting others where they are, and by forgoing or ending relationships whose pain has outlived their joy.

As a son/brother, I promote sovereignty by seeing myself as a separate individual within my family, and by working towards supporting myself; I promote connection by spending time with and talking to each family member regularly; I promote expression by reaching out to my family when I have both happy and sad news to share; I promote growth by supporting each family member in their individual journey, and by consciously discarding old patterns and replacing them with better ones; I promote compassion by practicing radical acceptance about my familial relationships, and by loving them with kindness no matter my circumstances or emotions.

As a creator, I promote sovereignty by staying true to my inner vision, and by building my dreams; I promote connection by participating in mentorship and resource-sharing in my creative communities; I promote expression by creating art daily, by telling compelling and meaningful stories, and by making beautiful and useful things; I promote growth by seeking opportunities to improve my skills, and by seeing beauty in chaos; I promote compassion by integrating my art with my ethics.

As an activist, I promote sovereignty by upholding the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process, and by standing for everyone’s right to self-determination; I promote connection by reaching out to those who are confused or in pain; I promote expression by being who I am to the fullest and supporting others’ ability to do the same; I promote growth by working towards world community with peace, liberty and justice for all; I promote compassion by lifting people up when others would tear us down, and serving my communities.

As an employee, I promote sovereignty by taking pride in my own work, by keeping punctual hours, and by setting appropriate boundaries at work; I promote connection by helping others at work, by communicating openly with my coworkers and supervisors, and by being friendly; I promote expression by being honest about my needs and limits, and by contributing my vision for the shared purpose and environment; I promote growth by challenging myself to improve; and I promote compassion by providing excellent service with kindness.

As a spiritual human(ist), I promote sovereignty by upholding the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and by living in ma’at to the best of my ability; I promote connection by communicating regularly with God through prayer, and by participating in my spiritual communities; I promote expression by being open about my personal beliefs and values, and by welcoming civil discussion of beliefs and values with others; I promote growth by pursuing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, by saying yes to the challenge, and by listening to God; I promote compassion by approaching others in ma’at, and practicing justice and equity in human relationships.


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