Doctor Who Tarot – What to Do With Idris?

This post may contain SPOILERS for Series 6 (2011) of Doctor Who.

The fun of working on an art project tied to a currently airing show is that things may change when new episodes are released. Sometimes this is a good thing; there are several holes in my list of cards, that may be better filled by new characters from the current season. Sometimes it is a frustrating thing; at some point my deck will be complete and perhaps printed, but Doctor Who will keep adding more material (gods and the BBC willing).

My current frustrations are these:

  1. Obviously, I didn’t get one card a day completed as I planned last summer. In fact, I haven’t drawn any more cards at all since last year, or even posted to this blog.
  2. The pips are still giving me trouble, and as wrapped up as I am in the seasons featuring Eleven, Amy, and Rory as Team TARDIS, it is difficult to call to mind scenes from any other season that may be appropriate for these cards.
  3. IDRIS. Gorgeous, beautiful, heartbreaking, goldmine of a character we will never see in this form again, and I have no idea where to put her.

I already planned to have the TARDIS on the Chariot. The Chariot can be quite the “mow down your enemies to reach victory” card at times, a perspective with which the TARDIS does not jive in my opinion, but…Chariot. TARDIS. It is obvious and imperative. My problem is that in “The Doctor’s Wife” (S6E4), we meet a new compelling version of our beloved blue box in the form of  Idris, a humanoid woman whose soul has been replaced by that of the TARDIS. The concept is delicious, the execution exquisite, and the character would be a wonderful addition to my deck.

But where do I place her? Should I feature Idris along with the police box on the Chariot because they’re the same character? Should Idris have her own card because the marvel of a talking TARDIS is significant and has different symbolism than the silent companion? Should the TARDIS and/or Idris go on a different card entirely, given her perspective on how she and the Doctor came to be together, such as Strength? How many cards can I put Idris on before it becomes too many?

My instinct is to keep the police box as the Chariot, and keep Sally Sparrow and the Weeping Angels as Strength. I have a hole in the Queen of Cups that would seem to be filled more than adequately by Idris: fiercely loyal, intuitive, supportive, healing, love, don’t piss her off because still waters run deep. The next best option I had for this card was Jabe Ceth, the tree woman from “The End of the World” (S1E2), but Idris is a much better choice. The other Queens are Reinette (Wands), Sarah Jane Smith (Swords), and Joan Redfern (Pentacles); the personification of the TARDIS should take her place among these other queens of the Doctor’s heart.

I have another option, perhaps in addition or perhaps instead, to put Eleven and Idris on the Lovers. It’s a card less about sex or romance and more about harmony, the attraction of kindred spirits, and choice. I hadn’t had a good candidate for this card before, but when I suggested Eleven and Idris, Siniful countered with Amy and Rory and Jared Axelrod with Ten and Donna, both equally appropriate choices. Right now, Donna is my Temperance, the union of supposed opposites in the DoctorDonna; I’d need a new Temperance if I moved her to the Lovers. As I consider it now, Kazran and Abigail from “A Christmas Carol” (Xmas 2011) would also make sense for this card.

What do you think? Ultimately I believe I should make a deck that resonates the most with me personally, and perhaps others will follow and create their own and make different choices, but I would love to hear some feedback from fellow tarot and Doctor Who people.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Tarot – What to Do With Idris?

  1. I would put the Doctor alone on the lovers card, to illustrate its choice aspects. You could put a stylized tardis on one side and a general lady-companion-figure on the other. I think that would bring some good split-between-humans-and-time-lords imagery (if you buy the whole “half-human” thing it’s even better.


  2. I like Idris as the Queen of Cups. Much better fit than Jabe, and doesn’t wreck anything in your apparently well-laid-out design from before (which I’d like to see in its entirety, even if you don’t have drawings to go with it).


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