Doctor Who Tarot – The Devil (sketch)

Doctor Who tarot card for the Devil features the Master standing in the center with his hands raised in a shrugging posture. The logo for the Archangel Network is in the background. An small image of the mini-old-Doctor in a cage will be in the bottom left, and a small image of Lucy Saxon in her red dress will be in the bottom right.

The Devil - The Master

Today’s Doctor Who tarot card is the Devil. This is the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana, numbered 15. This is a card of passions, desires, and “base” instincts; the Devil teaches us that we must neither repress our pleasures nor allow them to control us; without ambition we would never get anything done, but too much and we risk addiction to power; others can only control you as far as you let them. This card is also associated with the Lovers and the Sixes of the Minor Arcana. See other write-ups at Aeclectic Tarot and the American Tarot Association.

I chose the Master for this card because on the one hand he’s a narcissistic, obsessive, sadistic megalomaniac, and on the other he’s an ambitious leader who succeeds at everything he puts his mind to. That’s a powerful, terrifying, hypnotic combination. Yet the people around him, even the ones he has hurt terribly, find the courage and strength to resist, defy, and transcend his influence. Martha brings hope to an entire planet; the Doctor forgives his old friend and enemy; the Joneses endure the year from hell and come together as a family; Lucy Saxon changes the choice she made as a Companion. And at the very end, even as his hunger literally consumes him from the inside, he uses that power to save his friend’s life and correct some of his mistakes.

The Master is in his Prime Minister suit and his hands extend over the edge of the card border to show the pervasiveness of the power of this card (this is a connection I made up after I realized I’d drawn his head too big to fit his hands inside the card proportionally and didn’t want to fix it). The logo for the Archangel Network will be in the upper background, because it’s a cool image and it shows the seductive power of subconscious, unacknowledged desires and influences; also his eyes have spirals in them for his hypnotic focus. I think the background of the card will be a deep blue, but I’ll have to see how that looks against his very black suit.

I also want to put the Doctor in his super-aged chibi-in-a-cage state in the lower left corner, and Lucy Saxon in her red dress, possibly with the gun, in the lower right corner. However, I worry that will make the card too busy, so maybe not. Those two figures would remind me of the damage that can be done by indulging to extremes and the power to choose another course for oneself; it also suggests the callback to the Lovers card that is usually on the Devil.

I used this picture to get the pose I wanted. The Archangel logo came from here. And here’s Lucy Saxon and chibi-Doctor for good measure.

The Devil card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. A man with a goat's head and legs, bat wings, and clawed feet stands in the background. His right hand is raised and his left holds a flaming torch pointed at the ground. Two naked people are changed to his pedestal.

The Devil in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck


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