A Very Personal Ad: Awesome Person-who-does-work Looking for Equally Awesome Way-to-make-money

Ever since Sinclair Sexsmith linked to Havi Brooks’ Coloring Book for Monsters, I’ve been reading her blog. She’s got an interesting style (her business partner is a duck) and helpful things to say, and all her posts are intricately hyperlinked so reading “just one post” is a little like reading “just one entry” on TV Tropes. A tool of hers that intrigues me is writing “very personal ads.” She originally wrote one for her dream house, and ended up finding it.

I’ve already got the housing I need right now (I’ll write a post about the awesome place I’m in the process of moving into this month later), and the thing I do need is a job. So here’s my very personal ad for employment.

What I want:

I’m looking for a way to make enough money to pay for 6-9 credits of tuition for the next two semesters, school books, my monthly bus pass, rent, utilities, food, camping once a month for the summer, and student loan interest, with some extra for savings and emergencies. If there’s enough to do some traveling and conventions too, that would be great!

I want this way-to-make-money to pay me sufficiently for doing something I’m good at, as well as teach me new skills. Things I am good at include writing, helping people, working with books, doing research, queer activism, web design and creation in HTML and CSS, working with children older than six, taking care of animals, teaching, cleaning, admin work, and making art and crafts. I would love to get better at any of these things, learn new things that are related to any of these areas, or learn something completely new that builds on my skills.

This way-to-make-money might be a traditional job that I get up and go to, or it might not. I want a way-to-make-money that will not require that I compromise my principles in order to remain employed; I would prefer a way-to-make-money that is supportive of queer and trans people, but I need one that is at least friendly to such. I want most of the people I work with in this way-to-make-money to be pleasant and courteous and not give me stress and maybe make friends with me, and if there is a boss or supervisor involved I want them to treat me kindly but fairly. I’m okay with a dress code, as long as I am able to follow the men’s dress code if there is a difference.

During the school semesters this way-to-make-money needs to be part-time so I can attend classes, but I could work full-time during the summer. I would prefer this way-to-make-money be accessible by public transport in Baltimore, MD, or something I could do at home; I could work somewhere in Washington, D.C., accessible by public transport from Baltimore, but only during the summer or a few days per week during the semester. A local or community-owned business would be great! I would be able to leave the Baltimore area for way-to-make-money only during the summer, and only if I did not have to pay any extra money to live there during that time.

I would like to be able to keep my current job at my school’s library because it is a good job for me, but if there is a way-to-make-money out there for me that is perfect except I would not be able to keep my current job that would still be good. Or if this awesome way-t0-make-money could only be gotten to by car, I could make that work too.

Ways this could work:

Someone could read this blog post and know of the pefect job for me, and leave a comment here or send me an email or a message on Twitter to let me know.

I could find a job listing on Craigslist or other job advertisement location that fits me and is not a scam.

A business I admire could be currently hiring and somehow that information would find itself to me.

A friend who has a great job could let me know there’s a position available at their workplace.

I could set up my Etsy store with products I like making that people would want to buy.

I could get a scholarship for school or win a contest with prize money.

I could sell my writing.

I could tutor younger students in math, English, Japanese, or gender studies.

My parents could decide they want to help me with school again.

My commitment:

I will remember that there is work I need to put into this desire in order for it to succeed.

I will search for job listings on Craigslist and the like every day, and respond promptly to appropriate listings that I find.

I will ask friends if there are any openings at their workplaces that I could apply for.

I will make a list of local businesses I know I would like to work for that are on bus routes, and contact them to see if they are hiring anyone.

I will have confidence in myself and my skills and present myself as well as I can at interviews, even when I’m nervous.

I will work on my stuff so I can stay organized and be on time to my current job, and continue to be on time to my new way-to-make-money if it is something that requires being somewhere or doing something at a certain time.

I think that’s about it. I know there is a way-to-make-money, that will pay my bills and let me start a chunk of savings and let me be proud of the work I do, out there for me somewhere. I hope this very personal ad helps it find me!


4 thoughts on “A Very Personal Ad: Awesome Person-who-does-work Looking for Equally Awesome Way-to-make-money

  1. Have you looked on Idealist.org? That site got me my job and it’s non-profits only and pretty heavily liberal. Just my two cents from my recent job hunt 🙂


    • Thanks for the tip! I had forgotten about Idealist.org. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have very many part-time jobs available, which is what I need right now. I will definitely keep them in mind for when I’m looking for a job when school’s done.


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