Dream Cast List & NaNoWriMo Teaser

Along with many other current and prospective authors, I participated in the National Novel Writing Month challenge, also known as NaNoWriMo. Basically, you have to write a 50,000 word novel during the 30 days of November. I didn’t do very well by that yardstick, but I did achieve more words than I did last year or the previous year, which I count as a success. I continue to work on the story after the deadline, which is also heartening since I have a huge problem with sticking with and finishing creative projects longer than a poem—and even then, poems longer than 30-40 lines are still sitting around unfinished. I think I’m around 5,000 words now (I’ve mostly been writing longhand and haven’t yet typed up the latest batch).

I shared on Twitter the other day that writing was easier when I imagined who would play my characters in the podcast version. Nobilis said it was the same for him, Braindouche requested to be in the book, as did Kimi and BRKyle, and I shared some tidbits about who I would want to voice which characters and the relationship between them.

So, here it is, my cast list, with a bit of plot tease included. Putting it in a blog post is slightly less fun than drive-by tweeting about it, but it’s a more coherent format.

Graydancer is the king of a land where power balances among the aristocracy and two mystical/religious orders, the Sisterhood and Brotherhood. His daughter Heather Welliver is kidnapped and he must go underground to find her, abdicating his throne to his rival Chris Lester. During his quest, he must team up with unlikely allies. Brother Dan Sawyer is one of these, whose husband Nobilis went missing around the same time. He recruits his younger sister Christiana Ellis (a warrior in the Sisterhood) and her friends Pip Ballantine (one of the Sisterhood’s sacred prostitutes) and me (a mechanic who works for the Sisterhood) to help in the search. But despite all their efforts, will it be Pip’s chance encounter with handsome thief Kimi Alexandre that will lead them to the answers?

Also featuring Kim the Comic Book Goddess as the Chessmaster Big Bad. Other roles include the seer Paulette Jaxton, Pip’s disaffected sometime lover and fellow sacred prostitute Tee Morris, and Dan and Christiana’s mom BRKyle. Leaders of the Sisterhood include Cunning Minx, Dani Cutler, and Braindouche; leaders of the Brotherhood include P. C. Haring, P. G. Holyfield, Steve Eley, and Nathan Lowell.

These are all really cool people that I’ve heard doing great work on other podcasts, and who have been very friendly to me on Twitter and at conventions where we have crossed paths. I hope, someday, when I’ve finished the book, that I can convince some of them to work with me.


3 thoughts on “Dream Cast List & NaNoWriMo Teaser

  1. Well. I know when *I’m* outclassed. However, if you need an understudy, you know where to reach me. Definitely conflict here, could be a really strong storyline. WOOT!


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