Post the First

You may know me as the host of the Trans(re)lating podcast, or as DDog on Twitter.

I voiced a wish a little while ago to have a space on the Internet where I could talk about projects and events that weren’t necessarily related to the podcast, in more than 140 character bursts. I already have a LiveJournal, but have only posted there sporadically over the past few years (actually, I bet if I ran the numbers the slump would coincide with getting a Twitter account…) and it’s mostly friendslocked, which isn’t conducive to getting read by people who don’t use LJ.

So, here I am. There are some stories I will probably still save for my LJ or not post on the Internet at all, because several people in my life are rather more private than I am and have good advice about not putting too much out into the ether. But in general, I hope this will be a good place for me to talk about what projects I’ve got going on, movies I’ve seen recently, or stories I want to tell that don’t fit as well into my other online self-confessive haunts.

The title of the blog, for now at least, comes from the Little Boots song “Remedy.” It’s an absurdly catchy song, and I often listen to it on repeat when I’m feeling blah.


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